Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Morning Messes

It is Monday morning and I have a choice to make.  I daresay many of you have the same choice.

I can choose to Yell because my dining room has been overrun with airsoft gear making it an obstacle course to be maneuvered with great caution or I can be thankful because I have a healthy, active, intellectual son who spent his Saturday out in the fresh air strategizing winning airsoft moves and building relationships. 

I can Yell because the music my husband was practicing for Sunday morning worship is still sitting on my dining room table or I can be thankful that after 32 years of marriage my husband is still worshiping God as faithfully as he did the first day I was "smitten" by his handsome face and killer guitar skills at a college Inter-Varsity meeting.

I can Yell  because my son left his electric guitar in the middle of our living room when he came home from church or I can be thankful that he is following in his father's footsteps and I can watch them Praise the Lord side by side

I can yell because the sub sandwich wrapper is still sitting on the couch from last night's dinner or I can be thankful that while I do a 28 day detox,  eating food that is somewhat foreign to this family's tastes, my husband will fend for himself and not ask me to cook separate meals for me and for them.

I can Yell because my son unpacked the backpack full of dirty clothes from his weekend adventure on my dining room table or ..... OK, maybe I should yell about that one.  That's pretty disgusting!

Thankfulness really is a CHOICE.  It has taken me way too long to realize that it is MY choice, only I can step back from my  life and see the grace of God, sometimes buried under the YUCK, just like the worship music was buried under the pile of my son's dirty clothes.  I can confidently tell you that finding the praiseworthy items will bring peace.  And to my grown daughters I apologize for taking too long to figure this out and yelling way too much.  Thank you for your grace and love.  My family is the BEST even if we are a bit messy.


tina hunt said...

Jane this is a wonderful reminder. Thanks for sharing how you came to the choice for peace. Hugs!

Judith Robl said...

Jane, this is beautiful. Gratitude is a choice. It depends on our focus. Do we look for God's grace or the world's mess? Thank you for writing it so beautifully.

Jane Rattray said...

Thank you, Judith. You were a wonderful model of gratitude for me as you shared your story with us at the conference.

Jane Rattray said...

Hugs right back to you, Tina. Peace is indeed such a wonderful gift from our Heavenly Father. I read this passage in "Jesus Calling" this morning and it really hit home for me

"My children tie themselves up in anxious knots, ignoring my gift of Peace. I died a criminal's death to secure this blessing for you."

Jodi said...

I can really feel the switch inside from he yell to the praise when I read your entry. Wow! Thank you for showing us that it is like a switch, one we must actively DO. And thank you for sharing the joy that comes on the other side.