Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jesus Loves Me, Cookies Tell Me So

  G-d has shown up in so many loving, personal ways today, from blogposts to Shepherd’s pie. 
         A caring friend called and we chatted for quite a while.   In the course of our conversation she mentioned the same Christian counselor whose name has been recommended to me recently , numerous times, in random situations, from dear friends and from people I barely know.   

 So I called.   
   I began a word document of women’s retreat information for our meeting tonight and as I was almost done, feeling a bit overwhelmed, I opened my email to find this:  

Which reminded me of two very important things.
#1 – PRAY - Have we really prayed about having this retreat?
#2 – ACT – if G-d is in it,  the speaker, facility, attendees, every detail down to the ice breakers will all fall into place whether we have 14 months or four months to plan. 

I had minor surgery last week and if you haven’t learned this life lesson let me enlighten you.  Church friends feed you well!  All weekend sitting on the sofa like a slug, my foot looking like the return of the mummy, I longed for a chocolate chip cookie but I couldn’t ask.  That would be so selfish.   So G-d asked for me, delivering them to my door in the arms of a precious friend who, let me tell you, knows how to pamper a girl!   After that another awesome friend showed up with my favorite comfort food in the whole wide world…. Shepherd’s Pie!   This is not one of my family’s favorites so I don’t make it often but today G-d knew... I needed to feel the LOVE!  

Back to the computer to open another email sent from my Heavenly Father, (ok, G-d doesn’t really have an email address but today I was starting to wonder).

Today’s email brought a request to man the book table for a well-known speaker at a women’s conference.  The funny thing is when I first received the flyer about this conference I glared at my husband and commented on the fact that I know many of these speakers personally, have attended training conferences with them in the past few years.   How come my name isn’t on here?  The reality is that there are a lot of reasons for that, the primary one being that G-d doesn’t want my name there… yet.  And today I was thrilled to be asked to come alongside one of these speakers and hold up her arms.  

How personal is your G-d?  Do you believe He cares about the little things?  I know Christians who pray for parking spots and I know others who believe G-d’s parenting style is a bit more hands off.   Either way time in the trenches has taught me that G-d is there, when I need Him and when I think I don't.

And I love that He gives me Shepherd’s pie and chocolate chip cookies!