Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mom, Did You Know?

Some Christmas songs are classics, you never get tired of hearing them.  "Mary, Did You Know" is one of those for me.  I think it strikes a chord with mothers everywhere.

 Did Mary know when she carried that child....

that there would be moments when she would be so proud of this child she couldn't hold it inside any longer like the day His greatness was revealed at the wedding in Cana?    "My son can solve your problem, just ask him then do what He says,"  and within moments the guests are complimenting the host on the best wine they have ever tasted. As Mary observed Jesus healing, outwitting the Pharisees, loving the children, teaching the disciples, giving significance and respect to the women around Him, her heart must have been bursting with pride.   The angel had told her that her son would be great and she...believed.

that there would be moments of confusion... after frantic hours of searching for her son she finds him calmly discussing spiritual matters with esteemed Rabbis at the Temple.  Confusion as he calmly explained to her that he was doing the work of his Father.

and that there would be moments of  fear and pain... running away to Egypt in the middle of  the night to save her seemingly obscure, unknown infant son, born in a smelly stable and bedded in a feeding trough from the greatest king in Judea who had decided to hunt him down to kill him.   The moment of terror when she was informed that her son had been arrested by the Roman soldiers and condemned to death.  The pain seizing her heart causing her to gasp for air as she watched her son, her firstborn child,  writhe  in pain with each agonized breath on a rough, Roman cross.  She suffered too, remembering skinned knees and bruised heads,  wanting to kiss away this pain as she had so easily done those many years ago.

Mom, did you know,

 that you would experience those same moments of pride when the greatness you knew was in your child's heart shows itself to the world, when the daily songs of praise echoing through the halls of your home now echo off church walls worshiping the Lord or the child you mothered with patience and prayer now mothers your grandchildren with sacrificial, steadfast love.  That greatness you have always known existed in your child bursts forth because you... believed...  and instilled in the heart of your children that God had great plans for them.

that there would be moments of confusion when your child wandered away, putting himself in danger, ignoring the lessons you so faithfully taught him to go his own way.   When in the confusion all you could do was pray and continue to believe.

that there would be moments of pain when you see your child hurting and you can't do a thing to stop it.   You hold him, hug him, pray for him but you can't kiss those booboos away and the pain tears your own heart open.  But you continue to believe...

Elizabeth's affirmation when Mary showed up at her doorstep,

"Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her" (Luke 1:45)

 has been my mantra this Christmas.


is posted everywhere, on wrapping paper, Christmas cards, country signs and shiny ornaments.. Most people read this as a reminder to keep the spirit of Santa in your heart.  But can we find another meaning there?

When I held this baby, my first child,  in my arms in 1982  I didn't know what the future would hold, the pride, confusion, or pain that would come with loving this child and her two sisters and one brother to follow.  I still don't know.

What I do know is that , like Mary, I am blessed because I KNOW that my Lord loves these children even more than I do.  He will be with them and with me through all the good days and the bad days.

 When all I can do is Pray - it will be enough, 

  because the Lord who fulfilled His promises through Mary's Son is still fulfilling His promises to this Mom- promises of peace, salvation and hope.

That is all every Mom really needs to know.

God has got this!   My babies and yours are safe  in His loving arms.